Seeking High Caliber Undergraduate Men


Fraternities are sometimes lumped together as “student organizations.” The Fraternity experience is so much more. That is why you will often hear those who are members reference the word Fraternity when describing the experience and wont ask you to join the “club” or “organization.” The following are some basics that will help a potential new member understand the process of joining our Fraternity.

Alpha Sigma Phi is a social fraternity whose purpose is to Better the World through Better Men. A man is eligible to join Alpha Sigma Phi if he meets the following criteria:

  • Membership shall be acquired only by male persons.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students or all members regularly enrolled in attendance at an institution of learning at which they were initiated or at which the member and chapter have agreed to affiliate the member, and at which the Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi is in good standing.
  • Men who are not members of (1) any viable, general Greek letter fraternity of college grade and national in scope, or (2) any other group antagonistic to fraternities.
  • Men who are likely to be intellectually, morally, and socially of benefit to the Fraternity.
  • Men who shall have been duly elected by secret vote of a Chapter in good standing or approved by the Grand Council and/or the Fraternity President and CEO.
  • Men who have been duly initiated in accordance with the Rituals of the Fraternity or acquired by merger of another fraternity.


Bid Day is your first formal experience as an Alpha Sig. This special event includes a warm welcome by the chapter and is traditionally celebrated by presenting the new member with his first Greek-letter shirt. Some chapters also pair new members with an initiated brother who provides an immediate connection to the brotherhood. All members are expected to celebrate safely and responsibly and are reminded that their actions not only represent themselves, but our Fraternity on their campus.

The Pledge Ceremony is a promise between you and Alpha Sigma Phi. At the Pledge Ceremony each man receives a Pledge Pin, but more importantly, each man takes the first step toward entrance into a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime. Following the Pledge Ceremony each man participates in the Alpha Phase of Membership Education. Each new member participates in five weeks of education leading up to the Initiation Ceremony. There are three weeks of education post initiation. After a member completes the Alpha Phase, he is then encouraged to participate in the Sigma Phase Education Program and in his last year of college, the Phi Phase Education Program. There is no national exam that needs to be passed before the Initiation Ceremony. Alpha Sigma Phi is one of the few national fraternities where new members of colonies are initiated prior to becoming Chartered.

Alpha Sigma Phi has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing and no new member should experience any hazing as part of the new member education process. If any member believes that he is being hazed, he should report that allegation immediately to Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters and can remain anonymous if he desires.


To make Initiation even more meaningful, chapters traditionally have Pinnacle Week during the period immediately prior to the Initiation Ceremony. The idea of Pinnacle Week is to underline the seriousness, the importance, and the transition to brotherhood the candidates for membership are about to undertake. It also serves to impress the same on the brotherhood and gives them an opportunity to share the anticipation with the candidates. Finally, Pinnacle Week serves to let the campus and community know that the chapter is happily welcoming new brothers.

The spirit of Pinnacle Week and the initiation does not allow for any demeaning treatment of candidates or brothers. Hazing has no place in our Fraternity. Pinnacle Week allows for the rise of brotherly love and the family-like atmosphere that marks Alpha Sigma Phi.

A new member must complete several requirements before he is initiated into Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.  The expectations for initiation are listed below.

  • Complete the Alpha Phase New Member Education Program: Attend education meetings and participate in chapter events and service projects.
  • Academic success: Have at least a 2.5 prior semester or cumulative GPA. Some campuses or chapters require that new members have a higher GPA. Alpha Sigma Phi supports the college/university policy and follows whichever GPA requirement is higher.
  • Maintain full-time undergraduate status during the Alpha Phase New Member Education Program at the college/university where the initiating chapter is located.
  • Fulfill financial obligations to both the chapter and the International Fraternity. A new member’s financial obligations to the international organization include paying the undergraduate membership fee in full or being on a payment plan. With Alpha Sigma Phi, there are no annual international dues so within twelve months of joining, a member will never owe the National Fraternity any more dues (for a member of a Colony or Interest Group).
  • Be enrolled at the college/university where the initiating chapter is located at the time of initiation.
  • Uphold and adhere to Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity’s policies, code of conduct, and purposes.