Alpha Sigma Phi Alumni


The chapter won the Grand Senior President’s Award in 1974, the Alpha Gamma Upsilon Award for 1990, the National Province Leadership Award for 1973, and the Service Awards for 1978 and 1980.  Gamma Chi Chapter also won the Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup in 2010. The chapter newsletter is “The Eighth Point;” and it won the Chapter Newsletter Award for 1974-76.

David K. Leedy, Indiana ’86 and Les W. Meredith, Indiana ’79, were Alpha Sigma Phi Scholars of the Year in 1987 and 1982 respectively.  Adam Sedia, Indiana ’04 won a Kleinoder Graduate Scholarship in 2006. Frank Wahman, Indiana ’73, Chris Koch, Indiana ’79 and Bob Woerner ’92, served on the Fraternity staff.  John Gibson, Indiana ’85, served on the Fraternity staff, on the Grand Council, served two terms as Grand Senior President, and received the Distinguished Service Award.  John R. Chaney, Indiana ’67, has served as Executive Vice President of Alpha Sigma Phi, Inc., and the Educational Foundation from 1990 to 1993. Thomas Hinkley, Indiana ’84, served as Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Sigma Phi from 1998 to 2003, and as Interim President and CEO in 2009. He received the Distinguished Merit Award in 2004, and serves on the Grand Council.  Brian Jump, Indiana ’77, headed the arrangements for the 1979 National Leadership Conference, served on the Fraternity Staff, and as a director and Chairman of the Alpha Sigma Phi Educational Foundation. Ronald Fisher, Indiana ’69, and Tom Brown, Indiana ’75 serve as Directors of the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation. Mike Lawless, Indiana ’72 and Ken Perkins, Indiana ’69, served as Undergraduate Advisors to the Grand Council. Nine alumni of the chapter have received the Delta Beta Xi Award.